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Testimony about Nutrition Solution for Sensitive Tummies

This is from my customer and friend, “After a couple months of use now, I am still in love with the juice plus shakes! My rep is Debra Flannery if ya have any questions about them for her...

I usually didn’t eat anything in the day because of such a sensitive tummy... but I’ve been able to have one in the am and then another later in the day (usually after work or a hiking adventure)... they’ve given me energy and filled me up to help give me the nutrition I need .. I’m not usually one to jump on a bandwagon for products, but this has been a really really good product! ❤️ I take the berry gummies too everyday... I can afford these products on a “normal” person budget lol

I’m not sure if they’re suppose to help your hair grow?? 🤷‍♀️ but since I’ve been taking them I have more roots showing lol!

This is the only thing I’ve changed in the last couple months... so not sure! But I’ll take it!

Want my long hair back!!

Deb, thanks for showing me these products... I really do love them 🥰”

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