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Tips for Women Over 50!

For women, turning 50 is a milestone. Society tells us it's a crossroads. Our body underscores the point. Every woman over 50 feels it.

The kids are going to college, parents are aging, and there may be marriage problems, job challenges, and even health problems. It's definitely a stressful time.

We also find that you can't abuse our body as much as when we were younger. Our body just isn't as resilient as it used to be. It's a time when women need to seriously take stock of their lifestyle habits, and make some changes.

Thankfully there are lots of things we can do to help slow down the process of aging! Literally, there are hundreds! But I've narrowed it down to less than 15. And believe me, that was hard! But I've got tips for you, my friend!

Reply back "fabulous" to get them all, one day at a time.

Because you are fabulous my friend! And this isn't our Mama's 50! This is our moment! Let's live it to the fullest!

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