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Welcome, Kate

We are happy to welcome Kate Burie, M.A., Masters of Human Services Counsel & Life Coaching as a newly certified Interactive Metronome Provider!

Kate owns her own business called Open Door Counsel & Life Coaching and The Essential Oil Apothecary right here in Iron Mountain, Michigan. She is a Life Coach, Financial Coach, and Wellness Advocate using Essential Oils to help support bodies and minds. She is a proud dog mom of two mini-goldendoodles, Poppy & Penny.

Kate will work as an assistant to Debbie (me) for virtual and in-home Interactive Metronome Brain Training. We are truly excited to have the support and creativity of Kate with us in our efforts toward brain and body health for all at LifeFit BrainFit.

Please join me in welcoming Kate, a newly Certified Interactive Metronome Provider, here at LifeFit BrainFit.

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