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What’s the Scariest Food You’ve Had?

Seriously!!! 👻🍁🎃

👻🍁🎃 Scary Food??! 🎃🍁👻

I saw a brown fuzzy egg-shaped object, when I was younger, for the first time at the grocery store.

I was curious so, I was allowed to get one. The inside was green and black!!

You guessed it! 🥝 ….except I didn’t realize that you’re not supposed to eat the outside! 😆

Now I know better… and I enjoy kiwi 🥝 often… a great source of vitamin C too 👻

Its “scary” what kids (and adults) eat this time of year!

For tips and tricks to navigate healthier options and to avoid 🎃 Halloween Hangover, Check out these resources…

🍎 🍁👻🎃🧙‍♀️

Please share your fav tips!👻🍁🎃

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