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Why Brain Processing Speed Matters

Studies consistently show that Interactive Metronome® (IM) Brain Training, improves cognition, attention, focus, memory, speech/language, executive functioning, comprehension, and motor & sensory skills.

But how does Interactive Metronome achieve this?

Let's take a peek under the hood of Interactive Metronome's technology to understand why IM training works.

The secret to Interactive Metronome is that it enhances and develops three critical factors known to improve brain function:

Auditory processing - interpreting the sounds one hears and attaching meaning to them.

Visual processing - perceiving, analyzing, synthesizing, and thinking with visual stimuli and patterns helps us make sense of the exterior world. We also store and recall visual stimuli in mental imagery, memories, and concepts.

Motor skills - refer to the ability to rapidly coordinate body position and a physical response with precision and speed in space and time.

By dramatically improving the quality and performance of each of these skills, we positively affect the speed our clients can process and respond to their environment: processing speed!

What is Processing Speed?

Processing speed measures the time required to respond to or process information in one's environment. Processing speed affects all aspects of our lives. The goal is faster processing speeds, and we can deliver this with Interactive Metronome.

Slow processing speeds limit our client's ability to:


recall facts

understand speech and language

communicate effectively

focus and filter out distractions

have good motor coordination

and more.

Faster processing speeds unlock new abilities or restore lost capabilities for clients. They will understand things more rapidly, process information faster, and recall facts quicker. Their coordination and gate improve; their minds are sharper and more focused. Their brain becomes more regulated, leading to improvements in mood and behavior.

With Interactive Metronome, we can turbocharge every client's progress to achieve their desired outcomes with more certainty and speed.

But don't just take our word for it! IM is backed by over 20 years of research and clinical studies, including double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

To learn more, click here👇

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