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You Can Order Single Bags of Products, Including Chewables!

I have some big news for you! 🤩🤩🤩

Chewables are now available to purchase in single bags! I bet you are wondering, "Why would I want to purchase single bags when I can get a 4-month supply upfront"? I have at least 3 reasons....

🍒You have a super picky eater (who is even picky about their chewies) and you want to make sure they will eat them.

🌿You just aren't into the whole recurring order thing and you like to have control over when you order products.

🍇You already have a 4-month recurring chew order but sometimes run out of one faster than the other (I get it, I have a favorite too).

Plus, having options is always a good thing!

I love that we can now order the chews, Complete, and Perform in single orders.

Let me know if I can get something going for you!

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