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Healthy Peppermint Shake

✨💗 I have seen so many restaurants sharing their seasonal peppermint shake/ice cream… so I wanted to share a healthier alternative.✨💗

Ingredients I prefer for one serving:

🌟 1 cup plant 🌱 milk of your choice (less if you want ice cream)

🌟 1 scoop French Vanilla Complete

🌟 1 drop peppermint oil or 1/8 tsp peppermint extract

🌟 Mint leaves (for decoration)

🌟 Crushed candy cane*


🎄Blend liquid with the peppermint extract and Complete powder

🎄Add some mint leaves and sprinkle crushed candy cane* on top. (Add coconut reddi-whip too for an extra special twist).

🍨 For a healthy ice cream add a frozen banana and ice or freeze the milk.

🎄Candy Canes🎄

Yum Earth candy canes (Target)

•gluten free




•no artificial dyes

•no high fructose corn syrup

•allergy friendly

•colored with organic fruit & vegetable concentrate (radish, apple, blackcurrant)

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