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How to Give Yourself Alzheimer’s

Updated: Jan 22

Let’s look into the factors that can contribute to the development and progression of Alzheimer’s. 

Working late? Craving late-night snack? Probably reach for something sugary, making insulin skyrocket right before bed 😴 keeping it high while you’re sleeping 😴 

Maybe you get to sleep 😴 after midnight 🕛 and sleep 😴 poorly because of sleep 😴 apnea (often the result of weight gain). 

Nonetheless, you rise bright  early, getting just a few hours of sleep 😴 

Your feet 👣 have barely hit the ground floor and you think 🤔 about the day ahead 🤔

You grab breakfast, 🍩 the Standard AMERICAN DIET (SAD), a sweet roll or donut 🍩 a glass of orange juice and milk 🥛 in your coffee ☕️ and thereby ingesting a hefty dose of inflammation-triggering sugar and dairy 🥛 another step closer to insulin resistance with the sugar and poke holes 🕳️ in your intestinal lining with the gluten. 

You might pop a proton inhibitor to prevent gastric reflux, which reduces your ability to absorb key nutrients like zinc and magnesium and vitamin B12; then there’s the statin to lower cholesterol an it increases your risk for brain 🧠 shrinkage 🧠

Blood sugar crashes mid-morning and there’s a box of high sugar chocolate chip muffins. 

The day goes on and on with high stress levels, no exercise, minimizing sun exposure and lack of sleep 😴 Social interactions will be unpleasant because of lack of sleep 😴 

Lunch is another series of poor food choices and another crash in the afternoon. 

Back at home 🏠 collapse in front of the TV 📺 for some binging on Netflix, as long as it doesn’t offer mental or physical stimulation. 

This lifestyle is very similar to the lives that so many people lead. 

The good news, it takes years for full-blown Alzheimer’s to wreak havoc, so if you see yourself in this lifestyle, you can start reversing the effects!

Let’s take action now!

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