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Our First Ever TV Commercial Farm to Capsule!

Happy New Year Everyone! ⛄️


The FIRST EVER Juice Plus+ TV Advertising Campaign STARTS JANUARY 10th!!! That’s this coming week!!!

Watch for them during PRIME TIME on HGTV, Food Network, Discovery, OWN, ID, TLC.

With over 45+ PUBLISHED SCIENTIFIC research papers over the past 20 years, there is honestly NOTHING ELSE on the market with this amount of published real data showing what OUR whole food nutritional product does in the human body.

So, when you SEE and HEAR all about it on TV …When you start hearing about people's incredible experiences and want to learn more, PLEASE remember me 🥰🪴🌱

Share my link! I am here to answer your questions and help you and your loved ones any way that I can!

And did I tell you Kids can get it free? GAME CHANGER 🤩


I’m your Fruit and Veggie Dealer 🤩🧠 💪🍎 🥬 🧠💪 🍉🫐 🧠💪🍒🍌 🧠💪

# plantpowders #functionalfood #healthfoodpioneer #takehealthyback#lifefitbrainfit

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